Change Your Mind Towards Healthy Food

Healthy food, most of the people think it’s vegetarian.
NOPE, we specialise in controlling our food to be served in balanced diet to make sure
the portion is just Ngam Ngam for human’s daily needs.
Never be the last to try new things, we are here to share you something different!


To educate the public especially younger generation that eating healthy is not a diet, but right eating habit. With tasty and nutrition meal that prepared ngam-ngam, we’re here to help everyone make simple, healthy choices that bring happiness and wellness to our community.


We want to be the preferred kid friendly restaurant serving healthy meal for adults and kids. By 2028, we aim to be a leading kids friendly healthy food restaurant committed in promoting nutritious meal with kid friendly dining options in Klang Valley.

Core Values


Our menu is designed and crafted by a team of experienced chef to ensure every meal offers balance in nutrition and taste. Our food are prepared daily with only premium ingredients with strict quality control to make sure every meal served on the table are not only fresh and healthy but also satisfying to eat.


We aim for continuous expansion and aim to have multiple outlets throughout Malaysia. We target to let the public locate us in every 5km radius. We currently work closely with various online ordering platforms and delivery partners to serve the current customer base.


To ensure the consistency in food quality and time management in food preparation, we fully utilize appliances like combi ovens with dual function in steaming and convecting food. We are also exploring the options to install self ordering kiosks and lunch box selling machines to serve the public quality meal with accessibility and speed.

Teamwork & Growth

We support and share responsibility with the members of our team. We’re not just here to take a journey, we’re here to share one with each other because the impact we have is always greater when we work together. We work smartly, work with urgency to solve problems, take care of our team, and have fun in order to ensure the sustainability and success of our organization.

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

We support plant based diets as an effort to promote sustainability to our planet. We are also working towards creating a more sustainable lifestyle by introducing Bring Your Own Bottle and Bring Your Own Container campaigns for food and drinks takeaways in our restaurant to reduce single use containers.

Our Milestones

Meet Ngam's Parents​

Ngam Ngam Founder

Jovenne, Co-Founder

Jovenne is an advocate for healthy food choices who came to realize that just like her, many people around her wanted to practice healthy eating habits. However, these people found the existing choices boring and expensive, which stopped them from eating better.

She noticed that fast food restaurants never stopped gaining popularity and thought, “Is there any reason why fast food can’t be associated with a healthy and nutritious meal too?”

In the era where consumers are spoilt for choices, Jovenne created a menu focused on a balanced meal filled with protein, carbohydrates, fiber and more, but with a twist – no compromising on good taste & flavours. Her plans to offer healthy meal options did not stop there – she also worked closely with chefs to find a way to make these meals affordable, customizable, and prepared in as little time as possible.

To create a vegan-friendly environment, Jovenne then added a series of vegan meals into her menu, and launched Plant-based Wednesday in Ngam Ngam to encourage the public to try eating vegan choices at least once a week!

What’s next for Jovenne’s team? They are eager to provide a Ngam meal to more individuals looking to eat healthier with their family and friends, so that everyone has access to fast and healthy meals.


That is how Ngam Ngam, the new healthy fast food, came to be.

“Ngam Ngam” is a colorful Malaysian slang word which means “just enough” or “correct”.

We targeted to consistently eat amazing foods, at the right way.

Ngam Ngam provides healthy food that will tickle the Malaysian taste buds with just the right amount of nutrition and calories to everyone.

Through innovative recipes and cooking styles, we aim to bring modern healthy food that Malaysians will love.

Let us do the measuring and cooking for you!

Take a “Ngam” meal today with “Ngam” food with the “Ngam” team.

Tiffany & Joshua, Co-Founder