Enjoy RM10 OFF with 2 meal plans purchased!

Enjoy RM10 OFF with 2 meal plans purchased!

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NGAM NGAM is a fast growing F&B company established in 2021 in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. We specialise in serving high quality healthy meals. Our vision is to make healthy meal as everyone’s daily necessity with affordable price.

Ngam Ngam Neighbourhood want to bring you food that is Ngam in all the right places and offer healthy foods with a twist of Malaysian flavours.

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“Ngam Ngam” is a colorful Malaysian slang word which means .

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Community's Review

Yee Ping Chok (Elaine)Yee Ping Chok (Elaine)
07:27 08 Nov 23
I waited for an hour to receive my simple kids meal, which I had ordered at 12:24 pm and finally received at 1:03 pm. To be specific, here on serving is only three pieces of honey butter chicken and a single pack of ready-to-drink milk, as shown in the photo. I observed that others who had placed their orders after me were served much faster, which left me feeling frustrated. If this kind of wait time is expected for a kids' meal, I would have second thoughts about ordering it.I inquired with the staff multiple times about the status of my order, and the last time, they asked me to wait for another 10 minutes. Eventually, I decided to return later to collect my order, which included the rice ball and corn. When I returned around 2:20 pm, the waiter recognized me but had not yet packed my food, causing me to wait an additional 5 minutes. This experience made me question the level of service and professionalism at the establishment.
Very beautiful place, delicious food and good prices
Damien FooDamien Foo
06:07 15 Aug 23
Lim Kong YewLim Kong Yew
12:26 23 Jul 23
Move to level 3 lot 3F-49
Nadzirah YunosNadzirah Yunos
06:06 22 Jul 23
Lau Kong SengLau Kong Seng
05:38 02 Jun 23
M Blossom NgM Blossom Ng
14:16 18 Mar 23
Get to know this place through food delivery app. Not bad the food if u r into clean eating (not calorie counting -cz their sauce can be on a higher calorie & they have crab stick which is process food). Lemongrass chicken breast & sambal tempeh is good. The place is a lil difficult to find - actually it is opposite nippori. The ambiance of the shop is nice & the waiter are friendly. Price for lemongrass chicken breast quinoa set is rm31 (include tax).
heart evaheart eva
06:01 04 Mar 23
The best unagi and healthy meal i ever had now . Will come back frequent to have these healthy bowl .❤️❤️❤️
chew shingyichew shingyi
05:12 11 Jan 23
My fav place! Their foods are healthy and super tasty! Mentaiko Salmon is my fav all the time!😋
Jacky SiaJacky Sia
05:11 11 Jan 23
The staff is friendly and the food is healthy and nice! I would highly recommended ppl to come and try.You can never get a better offer for healthy good! Set meals come with free drinks!Wednesday even got vege discount! Super nice!
alicia yulingalicia yuling
10:20 04 Jan 23
I went with my friend who is a vegetarian and she liked the fact that there were so many vegetarian options! There was also good options for me who eats meat. The place was good and the service is awesome; especially Adi who served us!
Aaron LeeAaron Lee
03:37 19 Dec 22
Love the food you get with the price. Also you can add toppings to your heart’s delight. A good healthy and more affordable alternative to other brands like The Fish Bowl.
Kendrick CheeKendrick Chee
07:34 03 Jul 22
Had the large salmon mentaiko set with soba noodles.5 star service5 star taste- salmon mentaiko done right, and it's not dry, nor overseasoned. The sauce was good. The sides I had were cherry tomatoes, edamame - freshly prepared.- cucumber lime mint water was refreshing and paired well with the salmon.- portion is literally ngam ngam sized.Will return for their sambal tempe.
Wesley ChiaWesley Chia
06:14 16 May 22
Great food !The waiter is very helpful in educating us on the menu. Picking my meal is just a mere 2 minutes.And also a wide range of sauces and topping for you to top up anytime.I took Sriracha and it complemented well with my salmon!I feel so healthy eating this
James KJames K
17:23 15 May 22
Lovely ambience and good healthy food. Sauces and toppings counter is a plus. The giant swing chair and deco around is a nice touch. Outdoor sitting is small but has a nice view of the small garden, stone walk, and water feature of what's left of Empire Damansara.
Rob ChildsRob Childs
12:53 05 Apr 22
Very pleasant looking and feeling Cafe on the top of floor of heritage Lane empire Damansara opposite Nippori. It's essentially a deconstructed poke bowl - there's about 8 options I think ranging in price from about 17 to high 20s.I had the salmon which tasted great - very fresh with a decent serving of rice and sides of which you get 3 as part of the set. You don't get a choice of sides at least not without paying extra I assume which I find a little strange as I can't see that If you were substituting corn for say another veg like carrot it would make any difference. However that's just a minor thing it didn't detract from the overall experience.Staff are very friendly and helpful even when I can't work out how to use a sauce gun and make a mess (sorry about that) and you can help yourselves to these which is good. Additional avocado was very impressive as got a half avocado for under 4rm! Cucumber and lime water was surprisingly delicious. There's no high chair that I could see though I think most of their clients are workers on lunch or people catching up.Can Park at empire Damansara using tngo 2.50 for 1 hour. Parking is normally easy because it's not a super busy place.
Nicki SimNicki Sim
11:10 03 Feb 22
I tried the salmon set and the shoyu salmon is very nice! The other side ingredients are also prepared in a much healthier way than other similar businesses, and the sauce is flavorful. Love how the drinks are packed well so that they don't spill during the delivery too! 💕
Christine KhooChristine Khoo
15:56 02 Nov 21
Great place for low calorie healthy meal, options for vegetarians are available too! Now having bundle deal for 3pax. I personally love their shoyu salmon and lemongrass chicken breast. The complementary in-house drink is refreshing. Highly recommended!
Aki ChuAki Chu
07:26 14 Jul 24
The food and beverages are lousy. The staff wasn’t coordinating on the misbehaviour of the kids. They were using one of the climbing slope as slide which is dangerous as there’s no protection at the bottom since it’s not meant for this and it’s too steep as slide for kids below 15kg. The kids live using it as slide even my 2.5yo because their existing slide is not fun. It’s actually not a fun playground as there are not many facilities in it
David PhanDavid Phan
07:29 06 Jul 24
The food is good, very solid options for a nutritional meal.However, the service is awful.After ordering at the kiosk, I noticed that the restaurant had a Wi-Fi network so I asked one of the workers if I could have the password. First, she lied and said that they didn’t have Wi-Fi and when I showed her the network on my phone she said she doesn’t know the password. Rude, but fine I guess.Next, my wife and I were trying to purchase the meal service delivery and could not pay online. So I went to go ask the worker if we could pay in store. Before I could get one word in, she walks away and gets her other co-worker and that worker tells me “No Wi-Fi!” multiple times while waving me away with his hands.I say that I don’t need the Wi-Fi this time and ask if I can pay for the service. He doesn’t understand what I want even after showing him the delivery service on Ngam Ngam’s website. Then he says “yes, you can pay” but then clarified, “online only” which was not helpful at all.Terrible service, don’t waste your time with trying to talk to them. Just order on Grab and save your breath and time.
Eason LeeEason Lee
06:28 03 Jul 24
Very healthy meal with delicious. Try try salmon . Good
Zhern Yuen LeeZhern Yuen Lee
07:22 30 Jun 24
Ideal for kids, creative food type, leaning towards healthy type. Kids enjoyed the playpen. Good place for parents wanting to catchup and kids play themselves.
lofi layoverlofi layover
12:49 29 Jun 24
what is this, food for ants?
08:06 29 Jun 24
the food is good but please advice your staff to talk with customer politely . ask her to don't include her emotional mood idk if you're in a bad mood or what but please lah🙄🙄update : Thank you for apologizing on behalf of your staff. Don't know her name but she's a hijabi . The date was 28/6.
Vivek VarmaVivek Varma
10:33 23 Jun 24
whatever you do dont order the tofu set - worst tofu i ever had
Christopher WiecekChristopher Wiecek
02:17 22 Jun 24
The food seemed healthy if a little bit bland flavourwise. They mixed up my order but it was rectified pretty quickly. The restaurant is located on the third floor of the shopping mall.
Lilas KzLilas Kz
11:55 13 Jun 24
I maybe had high hopes. It supposed to be a fun safe area for kids all ages. No fun toys only a slide. However, the crusial proplem is how the play area got two fire extinguisher which are not attached to anything at all! My baby pumbed her head unfortunately.
Chai Chee WahChai Chee Wah
03:01 20 May 24
This is my first time organize a birthday party for 2 years old son in Ngam Ngam Neighbourhood restaurant (BBCC). Nice environment, the restaurant also very clean and comfortable. The staff there are very friendly/helpful and attended the guest order in a very nice way. The food is very healthy and delicious, which really suitable for kids. Also, Kids enjoy playground so much. Great value for money. Definitely recommend this.
I delivered it with a grab. The vegetables were fresh, and the brown rice was delicious and matched well with the sauce and ingredients. The salmon was marinated in the pickling sauce, and the amount was sufficient and I was satisfied. There were many types of toppings such as seeds and furikake, and the textures were fun!
Elie OElie O
13:20 18 May 24
Do u expect customer to just order ala carte ? We thought ala carte means the meal with rice and without the sides. That's why we did not order the set. We both misunderstood but the Staff should be train to advise customer that if ala carte mean without rice! End up I did go over the counter to add rice and confronted the staff who took the order. Well, the staff was rude .. he doesn't feel it's weird that we just order ala carte without rice... isn't it common sense a customer go restaurant want a proper meal... really disappointed with the staff behavior, pls refer receipt and coach your staff. Train your staff to communicate more with customer pls !!
Kenix WongKenix Wong
03:24 15 May 24
Alyson YKAlyson YK
07:15 05 May 24
The restaurant is vegetarian friendly. Food is nice. The environment is good. Overall is good.
05:31 29 Apr 24
Good food. But the portion is less, cannot be full. Maybe they can increase the food portion, then it will be perfect!
06:07 28 Apr 24
allow outsider play without restriction. Complain to staff no action taken until we request phone number of manager. Phone number we got are unvailable to reach also👍🏻
Kelvin ChenKelvin Chen
06:06 28 Apr 24
Extremely disappointed with your staff. Please educate your staff about your rules and regulations. Especially the number 1.
Kritz YeohKritz Yeoh
10:22 14 Apr 24
An alright "healthy" food place, but not sure if the combination of flavours and dishes makes much sense ...
noel gohnoel goh
09:37 31 Mar 24
Good place for yummy healthy food and kids free playground, newly established, facilities still new, but the business owner need to address to playground safety issue immediately, if the kid fell and maybe their head knock on the metal as per my photo, definitely they will injure badly and need surgical stitches.And the wall also need to be wrapped with “cushion”, and the sliding corner all edged, please wrap with “cushion” too, it is super dangerous as all the kids are running into each other. And the door also keep being opened and closed, the kids finger will be crushed, either to make the gap of the door bigger so to avoid the risk of fingers being crushed. Lastly, kids playground should be all wrapped in “cushion”.
Tanya ShTanya Sh
11:07 27 Mar 24
Very delicious, thank you!100% recommended
Viktoria ZemtsovaViktoria Zemtsova
11:42 11 Mar 24
We arrived at 19:37 and were told that the establishment was already closed! If you close earlier than 20:00, then you need to indicate so!
Kitty ChiachiaKitty Chiachia
11:42 07 Mar 24
The service is very good, the little brother has a sweet smile, I will come again
Grace TamGrace Tam
06:08 23 Feb 24
Awesome healthy food!
Ella TeeElla Tee
10:39 26 Jan 24
I like healthy food. The store is ok, the staff is ok, I'm ok, are you ok?
10:04 25 Jan 24
Food was good and portion is huge, downside is jot much variety of sides to choose from
Lee cheng liangLee cheng liang
11:53 24 Dec 23
Reach the shop today at 7.50. they say close already? Close at 8 pm??
Winston ChanWinston Chan
03:06 22 Dec 23
Great healthy balanced meals available,lots of sauces and condiments to freely add on
Andrew HighamAndrew Higham
12:07 15 Dec 23
Really recommended for healthy food at unbelievable priceWe went by complete accident on the 15th, on the 15 of each month they have a deal where it's cheaper for a set meal 😀
14:15 02 Dec 23
My favorite place for a healthy and valued meal. Their combo is the best price ratio and comes with a nice drink and 3 fixed sides. They have also a special on the 15th of the month as well vegetarian Wednesday.Free of choice are different sauces and some toppings (sesame, sunflower seeds,…) making it even better.The only improved could be done on the acoustics. An ad screen is running constantly with sound and competing with a sound bar with music.Still fully recommended.
li nyinli nyin
10:57 23 Nov 23
Love it
Thimes LowThimes Low
04:49 29 Oct 23
Ivy ChanIvy Chan
13:09 26 Oct 23
Food is nice but would be better if the brown rice / rice are served hot. Waited almost 20 mins just for one meal. I hope they improve.
JingWen CJingWen C
07:59 21 Oct 23
The restaurant is self service. The food served are fresh and healthy. Worth to try!
07:12 14 Oct 23
I interested to try dine in because Fujii Kaze eat this on his last tour 😙Quite nice but the portion are quite small 🥹
nob nobnob nob
11:49 10 Oct 23
was told to do this to get free side dish so yipee
Kimn HengKimn Heng
11:48 10 Oct 23
HK LeongHK Leong
05:28 03 Oct 23
Best food in Lala port !
Kyo KoKyo Ko
02:40 02 Oct 23
Honest good and fresh food serves. Please open more branch in kl.
Jonathan WongJonathan Wong
04:28 27 Aug 23
First time trying out this healthy concept.Food is averageService was a bit slower. Waited close to 20 mins
Alan MaAlan Ma
11:38 21 Aug 23
Delicious food, clean and nice atmosphere, however even the large portion is not enough if you are very hungry.
Uwu LucasUwu Lucas
09:42 07 Aug 23
Honest Review✨Food Quality ✨Surprisingly yummy. Especially the drink in the set. Chicken breast is soft enough, near perfection. Just don't order the chicken nuggets it aint yummy.✨Service✨Good service, explained well and provided me with options to change for the side that i dont eat. Serves with a smile and was polite 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻✨Price ✨Probably the No1 most value meal in the whole of Lalaport ngl (i mean this for the set meal, ala carte n some drinks) 😋😋😋✨Environment ✨Nice, i went on a quiet dayGood for pictures too. Sauce area is well maintained and kept very hygienic. 5 stars no cap 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻Overall, well done to the team of staffs! You bought me, I will definitely return for more with my friends and family in the future, Ngam Ngam Neighborhood! 🥰🤠☺️✨✨
12:25 29 Jul 23
Great food concept. Nice healthy food with great flexibility of choices.But one downside is the cold drink offered in the set. Pls provide the option to change to warm drink.#healthy food
Vincent ChuaVincent Chua
16:24 19 Jul 23
Visit every 15th of the month to get a set meal that comes with a drink that only costs RM15 per set meal, absolutely worth the money. The food is fresh and the portions are decent and delicous too.
01:35 16 Jul 23
Update: understood that its their first time launching the promotion, would give them chance to improve. 1 star changed to 3 star.Waited almost 2hours for the food, thats ridiculous. Those who came late all got their food. We asked them twice and kept asking us to wait. In the end, our rendang chicken went out of stock and forced to changed to other dish. Will never come back again.
jeyam komathijeyam komathi
04:55 31 May 23
Took vegetarian tofu set. Delicious. Comes with free drink and unlimited sauce and toppings. En.Khairul is pleasant and helpful.
14:19 23 May 23
Came to this place because it was 4.9 in gmaps. Ordered 1 regular meal and 1 larger meal. Food tasted OK but you get the same size and portion between Regular vs Large. Asked the lady at the counter and she said it’s LargeI honestly cannot tell the difference between regular vs largeLook at the photo and decide for yourself which is regular and which is large 😅As for the good star rating, maybe because they offer free sides when you review this place
12:37 14 May 23
The food here is lovely!! Besides, love the concept where we get to choose our sauce choice to go along with our meal. The staffs here were really friendly and helpful too!! Worth to try.
Nelson ChowNelson Chow
05:54 25 Feb 23
Love the food and environment. Especially you can top up free flow of sauces like lime & herbs, honey mustard, sesame and garlic sauce and toppings like chia, sesame and sunflower seeds.The meal size is just nice and ingredients are fresh.I ordered Lemongrass Chicken and the meat is so tender. 😊
Giselle HooGiselle Hoo
15:15 04 Feb 23
I'm sorry for this rating - service was really good, they served my food quite late and after another customer that come later but apologised 2-3 times which I appreciated.I just can't really wrap my brain around the portion:price ratio. Am I really paying rm24.4 for 4 pieces of (almost raw) sweet potatoes slices, 2 broccoli pieces and some salmon? Yes there were 3 other sides which I can't choose btw, so I don't even eat two of them and only had 1 side to eat with. I'm not even a big eater but this is really.........
S L ChongS L Chong
07:58 25 Oct 22
We came for dinner and took up their current offer of 50% off the second set for every set meal ordered. Food was served quickly and of sufficient quantity. Ingredients were fresh and tasty with free flow of sauces. Both the tofu and tempe sambal sets with rice were good, with the sambal tempe being nicely spicy. The only thing was that the brown rice was rather dry and a bit hard to swallow. It would be great if some sort of sauce could be added to the rice to soften it. Otherwise, it was a good meal.
Y. Shan L.Y. Shan L.
07:22 08 Oct 22
Great value for money! Had the tofu set, very well marinated. Loved that you can add as much toppings as you want.
Nora DahlanNora Dahlan
04:22 21 Jul 22
I love the food. Yummy..Ngam ngam for me. Just the correct portion. Finished everything including the side dishes.
Megan NgMegan Ng
04:54 07 Jul 22
Having their opening promo which is second set get a 50% off. Great and friendly environment. Love the food and the aesthetic.After eating review: Really shocking and very flavourful. I could eat this everyday. Appreciate the food and the service. Very generous.
karen Mkaren M
04:42 07 Jul 22
Food was awesome. Ordered a few items to try and we liked all of them. Healthy and yummy!
Haqim NawawiHaqim Nawawi
02:48 14 Jul 24
This place offers healthy food options and allows you to size up portions for an extra cost. It’s kid-friendly with dining tables overlooking a playground.The food was okay; we had chicken pesto with brown rice and salted egg prawn with white rice, and the cucumber lime mint drinks were refreshing.You can order at the counter or use a self-service counter. I chose the self-service option, but a male waiter with glasses stood next to me until payment was made via paywave, directing me on how to use it from A-Z. While he meant well, it made me uncomfortable as I’m familiar with the process; most restaurants use same method nowadays.
Rachel OoiRachel Ooi
12:09 12 Jul 24
09:36 12 Jul 24
Celebrated my friends birthday here and staff are really kind and helpful when planning a surprise
Teressa GohTeressa Goh
09:34 12 Jul 24
Great place for mummy gathering with friends with kids❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cassandra LokeCassandra Loke
14:15 10 Jul 24
We really enjoyed our lunch today in Tropicana garden branch. Thumbs up for the staffs today, I like the services you all provided.First of all, the cashier who attended us today was very patient and nice. When the food arrived, the same girl in the cashier offered to pump my kids balloons which I feel very grateful because usually staff will not willing to do extra works from their job scope.Secondly, feel sorry that my 2 years old boy vomited in the playground area when I asked help from the staff again the girl from the cashier tell me about their cleaning fees politely without any inpatient manners. Really love her attitude.Overall, definitely will come back again!
Sofiya raihana HuzainiSofiya raihana Huzaini
03:30 04 Jul 24
As a working mom, i can have a peace of mind to bring my kids to play while do my work and have lunch all together. i can settle 3 in 1 work, eat and play
Tiong Ka SiungTiong Ka Siung
03:29 04 Jul 24
If you are looking for a healthy foods restaurant, strongly recommended Ngam Ngam as your first choiceeeeee! ❤️ Mentaiko Salmon with Soba must order!!!
Umi NursulaikaUmi Nursulaika
03:28 04 Jul 24
Lee See kengLee See keng
03:28 04 Jul 24
Good ambiance , staff are friendly and food is very delicious . my kids are superb enjoy with their play ground
Zamry OsmanZamry Osman
03:28 04 Jul 24
Very good for kids
Angeline NgAngeline Ng
05:38 29 Jun 24
My daughter came here for a meal and play in the playground. The staff chase me off and telling me they need a table. Please don't come if you don't want to feel humiliated. Not child friendly.
Gan JenGan Jen
12:27 28 Jun 24
The food is so nice! Very healthy yet yummy 😋😋😋The waiter - Adi, his customer service is very good 👍🏻
Huiyee NgoHuiyee Ngo
11:04 08 Jun 24
Pei PeiPei Pei
08:43 06 Jun 24
The cashier looked disdainful
Angeline LimAngeline Lim
07:43 01 Jun 24
The environment is good and ideal for those seeking healthy and clean food options.
Annabel Chok mui TingAnnabel Chok mui Ting
06:54 01 Jun 24
The food are very clean and fresh. Very good service as well (shootout to the Adi!!)
Rachel MooRachel Moo
06:54 01 Jun 24
Food was great and service was excellent 😍😍
03:57 23 May 24
Amira BaitullahAmira Baitullah
02:11 20 May 24
The workers there are nice specifically a waitress named Ain as I could recall, was very friendly towards me and my kids in terms of serving the food as well as helping my kids to take off their shoes and placing them neatly for them to go play at the playground while I was busy ordering through the kiosk machine. Other than that, the food there is also very good, which is the salmon rice set and overall the environment was clean and pleasant.
Nicole TaiNicole Tai
05:58 18 May 24
Adi fro ngam2 neighbourhood is very friendly.Nice place for family and kids 😍
James BuchananJames Buchanan
05:57 18 May 24
Good and friendly staff and a great place for kids to burn off some energy 🔥
Woei Yang SooWoei Yang Soo
05:41 18 May 24
Healthy food. Got playground good place to eat with kids
04:42 08 May 24
The food portion also fits the restaurant name of “ngam ngam” with the price given. My table was dirty thanks to the staff not paying attention while cleaning the table.
Nurul FazirahNurul Fazirah
13:58 07 May 24
Very best. Delicious food. Children can play freely & safely. Nina was also very kind to our requests. Recommended!!!!
Tin YongzhouTin Yongzhou
10:57 27 Apr 24
Bad service for waiter!! Ask parent to come out let the 2 years old kid to play alone inside
aina nanaaina nana
11:25 26 Apr 24
Kelvin LiewKelvin Liew
02:52 23 Apr 24
Just had an amazing birthday party here 2 weeks ago for my 6 year old boy ! The food was absolutely delicious,and the staff were incredibly helpful and friendly. Plus, it's totally kid-friendly with playground that is easy for parents! A perfect spot for a family meal. Highly recommend!
ngan ngongan ngo
09:49 21 Apr 24
seeaenne Tseeaenne T
11:54 14 Apr 24
Am here on 14/4/24. Food is good and filling. Can add on more condiments or sauces. Best is the playground for kid. It’s not huge but kid enjoys it a lot. Comfortable seatings where parents can view their kids playing while enjoy eating. Two lady staffs ( one of them is asfarina) are polite and friendly. Hope to have more kid friendly restaurants like this.
Cheng Huai HengCheng Huai Heng
11:54 10 Apr 24
Petite Pie Co.Petite Pie Co.
11:53 10 Apr 24
Nice food nice environment nice serviceMy kids love to eat the food and love to play💕💕💕
Alex JamesAlex James
11:53 10 Apr 24
Perfect place for kids with sensitive diets and a great play area that is safe for both kids and parents watching their children.
Jenn CJenn C
14:05 09 Apr 24
Been here few times, food wise ok especially the kids meal. However, I don't see any sanitisation or cleaning being carried out on the playland. The daily cleaning checklist on the notice board also left empty.
Ezra LuEzra Lu
07:20 09 Mar 24
Kylie YeoKylie Yeo
11:57 21 Feb 24
Healthy food with excellent service.
06:29 20 Feb 24
Good food, good team, love to come here. If seats would more private i would be perfect.
Amirah MohdAmirah Mohd
11:32 19 Feb 24
Healthy food. My daughter love the food and enjoy the slide. Thank you Nina.
Li Ching HLi Ching H
05:34 17 Feb 24
Disappointed long-time customer:Loved the healthy food options, but consistently receiving wrong orders (both pick-up and delivery) coupled with rude staff has unfortunately turned me off.
Farhana ZulFarhana Zul
04:05 12 Feb 24
Did a birthday party at ngam ngam tropicana, great experience, the kids love the playground, Ms Azfarina handled the event excellently. Will definitely repeat here!
Alex SolimanAlex Soliman
14:44 07 Feb 24
Food variety is great and feel that the sets for these healthy options from a cost point are acceptable. Everything we had tasted fresh and the set meals come with a drink and a choice of your carbs. Also appreciated the fact that you had access to various condiments to spice up and customize your meal. Definitely give it a try if you are seeking for a healthier meal option.
Ain NadziraAin Nadzira
08:40 07 Feb 24
08:03 13 Jan 24
Seriously bad service, operated fully by foreign worker who keep asking customer to get lost, another dead cafe in a dead mall
KK CheongKK Cheong
12:43 11 Jan 24
Vanice LeeVanice Lee
11:23 10 Jan 24
The best and tastier healthy food 👍🏻
Ng Khor ShienNg Khor Shien
05:43 29 Nov 23
Yuiki OwOYuiki OwO
11:39 15 Nov 23
I really like the service are quite lovely and observant. second the food are so fresh ☺️
Liaw Yee FaiLiaw Yee Fai
14:58 28 Oct 23
Krepyfill KKrepyfill K
09:17 22 Oct 23
Do not deserve 5 stars because it’s well known crab meat is imitation food which does not contain crab meat. This has oppose Ngam Ngam Neighborhood concept of serving healthy meal. It might as well be replaced with cucumber/nuts in view of cost effectiveness
Paul GPaul G
11:14 07 Oct 23
The food is bland and frankly very expensive for the portion that they give. If they improve the foodthis place is going to be a straight 5 star. The playground is good and should give under-5s lots of fun. My advice to management is to remove the string with balls as a few minor accidents happened with kids using it to play tug of war and then letting go.
Alex LeeAlex Lee
12:38 24 Sep 23
11:15 13 Sep 23
Very healthy food, good variety of vegan options, and unlimited top up of the seeds and sauces. would be even better if I can choose the sides 😀Also there is playground for your kids while you are enjoying the meal!
Mohan MenonMohan Menon
11:44 11 Sep 23
Excellent! Neat. Clean. Well presented. Even gold colored cutlery! Better portions than some other poke joints. A healthy choice. Thank you Mr. Adi and the team in the kitchen.Update - a suggestion, it will be good if you could have an unsweetened option for the drink that is included in the set. TQ
Q N (Qatrun)Q N (Qatrun)
13:58 06 Sep 23
My nephews love this place. I like the food. So good. I wish the gravy can be more - for salted egg and pesto
02:44 28 Aug 23
Nice play area for kids. Didn't quite like the food, especially the aqua fries which was very fishy. Service was quite erratic too. And they only have 3 high chairs even though they seem to be popular with families with young kids due to the play area. Price was reasonable. Quite good variety of healthy food for kids like edamame, corn, cherry tomato, avocado, hard boiled egg, etc.
SzeJing YinSzeJing Yin
10:50 25 Aug 23
05:38 23 Aug 23
Good, healthy food, prompt service, reasonably priced.
Mable YapMable Yap
00:17 23 Aug 23
Food is healthy and portion is just good for a kids, the playground is clean too and parent can watch over from their seat. Just buy food and kids can play. no entrance fee
Rachel TanRachel Tan
07:33 15 Aug 23
Nice play nice staff nice food here 😊
ting hooi sooting hooi soo
05:53 15 Aug 23
Delight and family friendly fun at Ngam Ngam neighbourhood’s unique and fast healthy meal experience.Children can revel in playtime while parents enjoy their meal worry-free with their unique big playground.Staff are ready and happy to explain each dish in details.They even have effortless ordering service with self service kiosk!Don’t forget every month 15th with RM15 for meal set!
KwaiFei ChewKwaiFei Chew
07:06 25 Jul 23
overpriced, using the slogan for eating healthy and charge expensively..Order regular size Avocado Milk, RM12.90 for such small size cup, not only it is just 70% filled, taste nothing like avocado but only milk with green coloring.Went to counter and check did they gave me wrong order but the staff told me it is normal for not filling up the cup.Definitely not coming back again, alot of salad /pokebowl shops gives better varieties and satisfying portion.It's all self service, so nothing to rate about service. There's a clean playground for kids.
Addina MukhlisaAddina Mukhlisa
11:40 22 Jul 23
My fav go-to restaurant. The combination of soba noodle with all other dishes is just so good. I love the family-friendly environment and the nutritious range of food offered here. Been here more than 4 times already within 3 months 😆
Swen Ping HooiSwen Ping Hooi
07:09 22 Jul 23
The playground is new, clean, and nice. Is a very nice place for kids to enjoy and parent can sit back and relax. Kids really enjoy a lot. Just the food need to improve a bit, specially on salmon fish finger and salmon rice. Chicken nugget is healthy version of chicken nugget. The rest is good.Strongly recommend to all the families.
11:53 21 Jul 23
I recently had the pleasure of visiting this fantastic children's and family-friendly restaurant, and I must say, it left a lasting impression on me. From the moment I stepped inside, I was impressed by the warm and welcoming atmosphere. The place was bustling with happy families, and it was evident that everyone was having a great time.First and foremost, the food at this restaurant deserves all the praise it can get. The menu offers a wide variety of healthy and delicious options for both kids and adults. I was thrilled to see that they prioritize the quality of ingredients, ensuring that every dish served is not only tasty but also nutritious. As a parent, it's always a relief to find a place where I can confidently order for my child without worrying about unhealthy additives.Another highlight of this place is the affordability of their offerings. Considering the high-quality food and service, I was pleasantly surprised by how budget-friendly the prices were. It makes dining here a guilt-free and enjoyable experience for families, especially those on a tight budget.Speaking of service, I must commend Adi, one of the restaurant's staff members, for his exceptional approach towards customers. He was extremely approachable and friendly, making sure that each guest felt comfortable and well-taken care of. Adi's warm demeanor added a personal touch to the overall dining experience, and it was evident that he genuinely cared about ensuring everyone had a great time.In conclusion, this children's and family-friendly restaurant has definitely won me over with its delightful food selection, affordable prices, and outstanding service. It's a place where parents can relax, kids can have fun, and everyone can enjoy a delicious and healthy meal together. I highly recommend this restaurant to families looking for a perfect dining spot to create wonderful memories. I'll definitely be returning soon!
Ray LRay L
02:12 15 Jun 23
First-time here. Will be back for sure. Food is great. For those who are health conscious. The portion is just like the name, ngam ngam . Not too big not too small. If you worry about the food being bland, there are various sauce n chili to go with your food. Price ranging 18.90 and up .. It's situated 3rd flood near cinema side.
Linda LeoniLinda Leoni
05:43 07 May 23
Excellent service by Adi.Food was healthy and taste delicious. We had soba noodles with prawn (generous servings of prawn), salmon with brown rice and chicken rendang.The set comes with 3 healthy side dishes, we had edamame, tomatoes, corn, cucumber and carrot.Top it off with variety sauces and garnishing you prefer such as teriyaki sauce, honey mustard, lime herb, shrimp chilli, sesame seeds, siracha mayo etc.Price is reasonable! Highly recommended.
Jan WongJan Wong
09:55 05 May 23
Not a pleasant experience. Staff wasn’t attentive and is also busy chatting on the phone while preparing our others. Food wise… I got hungry again within an hour. Definitely tastes healthy - which also means that if you’re looking for something more flavorful, you should give this place a skip, unless you’d like to add on a ton of sauces yourself. Anyway, portion and service is disappointing so I wouldn’t recommend.
JK LowJK Low
05:14 06 Apr 23
Sensible price for a healthy meal for the health conscious and vegetarian crowd. Great service. A sweet, bespectacled gal (Toca) helped me with the ordering and Adi the staff was great as well. Food was quickly prepared and very well plated. The entire place was very cleaned and obviously very meticulously maintained by the hardworking staff.SUPERB👍
04:38 01 Apr 23
Thumbs up for the customer service Adi who is friendly and genuinely polite explaining the promotion and fast assist cleaning up the trays. The food is refreshingly good especially those who concerns for their heath. It's not too heavy but surprisingly fulfilling! Thank too Mia for the serving 🙌
Christine GohChristine Goh
04:08 01 Apr 23
Adi and Mia showcase friendly customer service! Very appreciative. The food taste great! Adi also gave great information on the promotion price cheaper using debit card.
Michelle TanMichelle Tan
04:36 24 Mar 23
Fresh ingredients (especially important for raw salmon) with self service bar where you can choose any toppings and sauces you like.Ideal portion size. Would be great if able to choose sides!
Olga RodinaOlga Rodina
08:44 21 Mar 23
Really like this place. Was looking for something like this in the area and super happy I have found it.Portions are big. You can choose between meat, fish and veggie options. Not oily or fried, so super healthy.Adi is super nice and described every meal and helped to make a decision. Thank you Adi and whole team!+ here is 10% off for Tropicana tenants.
06:30 19 Mar 23
We rather enjoyed the food - feels healthy and tastes good. The sauces are free flow for dine in thus it was pretty nice.We tried the lemongrass chicken and the salted egg shrimp. The drink that came with the set tasted unique and was rather refreshing. Hope they maintain their standards.Generally, Service needs to be improved- as this store is new, I would give them so time to get into the motion of things.Update July 2023: the salmon fish fingers in the yum box was not great. The other yum box options are better. The yum box portions are small. May not satisfy some kids.On adult meals, I feel it’s not good service to automatically assume the portion wanted was large. Did not realize they had two sizes until I left and read the receipt indicating I was charged for LARGE. Was struggling to finish the meal. The least they could do is ASK/ inform Customers there are different portions to choose from.
Amelia DonaldAmelia Donald
05:57 17 Mar 23
Absolutely would recommend this place. Healthy, well seasoned food with multiple combinations and ways to serve it. You can add your own seeds and sauces to taste and they have 4 vegetarian meal options which is very rare in Malaysia. Perfect for if you are trying to be healthier or if you train hard at the gym and need to get in your protein. The service is amazing, Ali is really helpful and recommends different foods for you too. We have been going most nights now! Delicious food
Fish LyhFish Lyh
05:43 17 Mar 23
Ordered regular unagi set. Taste is good, and have option to choose carb. 5 star if can also choose the sides.Overall is good and will come again to try other sets especially vege sets.
Chua CharleneChua Charlene
05:01 17 Mar 23
Shop supposedly sells healthy food but the cucumber mint drink that comes with the set is default with sugar and doesn't have option to remove sugar. Everyone knows sugar not healthy right. Need to have default sugarless and those who want sugar can add on themselves. Other than that, food is OK.
06:05 12 Mar 23
Quick, healthy and clean lunch. Good option for those looking for these criteria. Carb choice includes quinoa at no extra charge!Regular size has 140g protein, large has 170g protein.Only thing to recommend to management is removing crab stick as a side dish since it's not the healthiest food item.
13:16 11 Mar 23
The pesto chicken tested very good and the selection of sauces and toppings are wide
Tammy YangTammy Yang
11:21 10 Mar 23
Saw this shop pop-up 1st in TGM directory. Gave it a try with my sister. Overall 4.5 stars. They have the 50% off second set meal which makes it more worth it as one set meal is RM29.90-/+ before the promo.Ordered their Regular Salmon Set and upgrade my drink to Avocado Milk for an additional RM6. You also get to choose your carbs, and customise your sauces and condiments (self-service). It also came with Cherry Tomatoes, Edamame, and Corn and two empty sauce containers.Salmon is adequately cooked, drizzled Teriyaki sauce on top but the Quinoa is a bit dry and they gave too much for a Regular sized portion. (I'm not a small eater, just average)They also have a self-ordering terminal. Counter only accepts TNG, Debit/Credit card at the moment. (Should add MAE)Overall good experience with my sister, I've attached more photos of the shop's surroundings, menu, and my dine-in receipt for your reference.
Hann Wei YamHann Wei Yam
04:47 10 Mar 23
Food are fresh and suit my taste. Recommended. Great promotion with 50% on 2nd set
Tracey LaurettaTracey Lauretta
04:34 10 Mar 23
Nice clean and healthy food
Dandeelion ChowDandeelion Chow
04:00 10 Mar 23
05:18 09 Mar 23
Jamie TehJamie Teh
05:14 09 Mar 23
08:43 23 Mar 24
I always order men at reasonable prices. Cucumber lime mint water is also delicious. People with big appetites should go for large size. Regular size is ok but you won't be satisfied eating.But if you eat the large portion of RS, you will be filled with giddiness.Sauce - shud try lime & herb, spicy sriracha and garlic aioli.Order: salmon mentaiko, salmon oelek, spicy shoyu salmon (spicy giler), chicken rendang (sedappp)
SL LimSL Lim
08:24 22 Mar 24
Decent Healthier Option in IOI CITY MALL.Set menu is reasonable, portion is acceptable for me, probably inadequate for big eater.Set comes with refreshing lime mint cucumber water.Just noticed that they have promotion rm15 per set on every 15th of the month.
Yun Theng HitoYun Theng Hito
12:29 20 Mar 24
Love the Oyster Mushroom set so much 😍 no additional charges for soba and sauces & toppings.
Alice PuiLingAlice PuiLing
07:52 15 Mar 24
Chris LenChris Len
07:51 15 Mar 24
nice food and good service
06:34 17 Feb 24
08:48 11 Feb 24
Very good for vegetarians and vegans, affordable, healthy, quick food
Jessie Goh Peck KienJessie Goh Peck Kien
10:50 10 Feb 24
Ricky LeeRicky Lee
14:50 02 Feb 24
Healthy food. Good service. Great food. You can use their sauce whatever you want
10:21 31 Dec 23
loveee the cheese sandwich. the bear rice is also adorable !! would recommend to anyone !!
Samuel OngSamuel Ong
15:41 29 Dec 23
I felt healthy eating here. Definitely dont miss out on sauce and condiments to add with your side and carbs. Tried a few of the protein but mentaiko salmon was the best
Kathy YoYoKathy YoYo
03:49 05 Dec 23
Very good service from the staffs
Ashley JangAshley Jang
13:03 14 Nov 23
I'm so glad there's a place where I can eat clean, healthy food.If it were a restaurant like this, I could come here every day.The soft eel and purple sweet potatoes were really delicious.
Charmaine NashCharmaine Nash
07:31 07 Nov 23
Kids friendly restaurant. There's play area & kids meal starts from Rm11The concept is healthy food & surprisingly the food is yummy.
Chester WongChester Wong
10:23 04 Nov 23
If you looking some healthy food, can try this. It wasn't super tasty but still not a bad choice for healthy food options. You can pick your own sources and toppings.
Lim KhoonSingLim KhoonSing
12:59 15 Oct 23
Good ambiance. Nice food. Maybe the side dish can choose will be great.
Tan Han KeeTan Han Kee
10:20 15 Oct 23
Love it. Just the right portion.
Nk LeeNk Lee
03:51 12 Oct 23
👍 child area playgame.awesome
Winna ChiewWinna Chiew
10:32 07 Oct 23
Healthy comfort foodSelf service, clean environment, grab and go concept.With ioi club app, only need RM1 to buy their sandwich. Food taste overall quite good. Free flow of sauces and topping.Recommend their lemongrass chicken breast, mentaiko salmon.
11:27 03 Oct 23
Jerry OngJerry Ong
12:41 23 Sep 23
Flavour wasn’t as good. Rendang was a let down but the salmon was ok. Wasn’t really expecting good flavours for healthy foods but the rendang could be better.Price reasonable. Food preparation was abit slow but the playground for kids was a damn 7 good plus point. Parents can lepak as your kids keep themselves busy.
suetfung yeowsuetfung yeow
03:29 15 Sep 23
Nice and can try many sauce
Billy KokBilly Kok
01:11 13 Sep 23
Something new to try...cheese sandwiches.
Charlene LimCharlene Lim
08:47 02 Sep 23
Nice food
05:34 27 Aug 23
Nice food, workers and environment
nadiah zainnadiah zain
05:36 25 Aug 23
Fast service, clean restaurant. Foods are delicious 🤤
Baizura OdinBaizura Odin
11:53 24 Aug 23
Reginald P (Reg)Reginald P (Reg)
04:49 23 Aug 23
My 1st time here. Lots of choices in the sets. Today being Wed, it is 10% off for all vegetarian sets. I chose the4Soy Oyster set. The Oyster mushrooms are fresh and juicy.. The sides include tomatoes, corn and cucumbers. I paid additional for the fresh avocado and the half boiled egg.I lived the many types of free flow toppings like chia seeds and free flow sauces like sesame.Lastly The cucumber mint drink that comes with all meat or vegetarian sets is so refreshing.I was srebed by the friendly KHAIRUL who recommended more items to me for my next visit.
lee englee eng
11:38 22 Aug 23
Good service. Friendly staff. Cozzy environment. Nice food.
Basyar Mohamad NazriBasyar Mohamad Nazri
04:22 22 Jul 23
Excellent option if you're looking for healthy foods, good varieties of menu, vege options available as well, has a play area for kids, food was great and fulfilling, price was on the high side then again healthy isnt without a costPs no food pic just empty plates coz we finished them all 😀
Bahijah BakhtiarBahijah Bakhtiar
08:36 10 Jul 23
Excellent food and taste. I had the salted egg shrimp and soba lunch set with drinks. This meal is next level healthy. Environment is very clean
en nen n
13:22 21 Jun 23
Excellent service & best dinner ever ! Food is big portion, tasty and amazing. I finished everythings . Will visit anytime soon
Ed M.Ed M.
08:15 10 Jun 23
HALAL certified, kids friendly restaurant with play area, well-served healthy and delicious food concept.
Favinash ModiFavinash Modi
12:54 16 May 23
Reasonable & affordable price with delicious & tasty food. Very satisfied with the variety of vegetarian options. Got 50% off on our second dish for opening promotion & that also comes with a complimentary drink. Totally worth it, gambatehhhh 👍🏻🥳♥️
Fred TanFred Tan
06:28 06 May 23
Ordered unagi and mentaiko salmon sets. The portion is generous. The set comes with drink and tastes good. Free flow toppings and sauces. Good value for money.
Swe Swe AungSwe Swe Aung
04:35 01 May 23
Healthy and happy meal . So delicious 😋
Lai JunnRuLai JunnRu
05:31 22 Apr 23
Staffs are friendly, foods taste great, air-cond is cold, and there is a section for kids to play when parents can eat! Having the 2nd 50% discount promo right now and it's worth it. Like it and definitely will come again.
elaine chenelaine chen
05:24 21 Apr 23
If you feel like eating something lite and healthy, Ngam Ngam could be the one of the choice. It comes with drink and I personally think that the price is reasonable. You can order a la carte too. Food is not oily.You are what you eat.
Dennis KoayDennis Koay
11:17 19 Apr 23
Nice portion with various choices of SIDES... Had a shrimp with rice and salmon with quinoa, both are delicious, fresh and juicy.
Noor Haizat Abd RahmanNoor Haizat Abd Rahman
12:14 18 Apr 23
Love the dishes, especially the shoyu spicy raw salmons. Roasted broccolis were never enough, and for my portion, i should have add on the extra rice.Healthy fast food!
00:49 18 Apr 23
Ngamngam neighborhood cafe at IOI City Mall is a hidden gem for healthy food lovers. With affordable prices, simple decor, and ample space, it's a great spot to grab a bite. The friendly staff patiently explain the menu options, making ordering a breeze at the counter or kiosk. The salted egg shrimp set with steam sweet potato is a must-try, as the flavors are exquisite and it's hard to believe that healthy food can taste this good. The variety of sauces offered is a nice touch, but the honey mustard sauce stole the show for us. Highly recommended for those looking to adopt a healthy eating lifestyle or watching their weight.
Valaree TanValaree Tan
05:30 17 Apr 23
food overall not bad, just avocado milk is very creamy
05:30 17 Apr 23
Food is hot, fresh and delicious. The environment is clean and open space. Customer service is on point. Literally good vibes.
Bro KhaiBro Khai
13:29 14 Apr 23
The food is the best and delicious. The environment in the store is clean, cool and comfortable to sit for buka puasa. What exciting is promo 50% for the 2nd Sets really2 affordable price.. It’s Ngam teroxx.👍👍
Klara ChuaKlara Chua
05:48 16 Jul 24
I waited 50 mins - the order was made at 12.40pm according to the receipt. My order was only ready at 1.30pm.There were also many others waiting for their order when I wa